16 Channel Display board
The HP003 (16 channel display) is designed as a visual companion for the HP002 (16 channel Relay board) and HP000 (16 channel
opto board) which both have a 34 pin ribbon cable connector available. This 34-pin ribbon cable connector provides the necessary
signals to the display board. When a bit is set on the HP000 or HP002 the appropriate LED will light to indicate the bit status. This
feature proves to be very useful during the initial design phase and while trying to debug device problems.

Functional test systems
Durability test systems
Simulated On/Off outputs status

-Easy to use architecture
-Affordable price
-Extremely versatile
-Minimum system design requirements
-Input and Output boards can be connected
together using a single computer card.
16 individually LED's
-Each display board has a 34 pin amp connector
which can be used to          indicate individual bit
-Fully compatible with both the HP000 and HP002

-Board size.   3"W x 6"L
-Each LED requires 10ma on current
-Each LED requires 5V maximum
-both sides of LED are available at 34-pin      ribbon
cable connector
All boards  are designed with cmos technology to minimize the power consumption. In addition there
is total isolation between the computer and the device under test.
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Display Board
Display Board