16 Channel Opto-Isolator board
This board is both compact and versatile. All you need are four items to use this device.
1. A Keithley-Metrabyte PIO24 or Computerboards CIODIO24H board.   (plugged into your computer to control the 16 CHANNEL RELAY INTERFACE board)
2. A ribbon Cable with a DB37S connector on each end (To connect the computer to the 16 CHANNEL RELAY INTERFACE board)
3. 5V/3A power supply. (to power up the relays on the 16 CHANNEL RELAY INTERFACE board)
4. Software (To control the 16 CHANNEL RELAY INTERFACE board using your computer Quick Basic, Visual Basic, C++ etc.)
*Initialization and control software is available in Quick Basic and Visual Basic only.

Functional test systems
Durability test systems
Simulated On/Off outputs status

-Easy to use architecture
-Affordable price
-Extremely versatile
-Minimum system design requirements
-Input and Output boards can be connected
together using a single computer card.

-16 individually controlled relays
-Each opto board has a 34 pin amp connector         
which can be used to drive an LED to indicate       
individual opto status
-7 address bit and 1 strobe bit allow for 127 board    
address possibilities
-Fully compatible with all other HUB Products boards.

*Specify at time of purchase

-Board size.   4-1/2"W x 6"L
-3 to 18V digital input to control logic
-Complete isolation between channels
-Both pins available to user offering totally    isolated
All boards  are designed with cmos technology to minimize the power consumption. In addition there
is total isolation between the computer and the device under test.

-A 16 channel LED board configured to plug directly
into the 16 CHANNEL RELAY INTERFACE board is
available. (refer to part number HP003)
A 16 Channel Conversion board (34 pin ribbon cable to
37 pin CPC connector) is also available (refer to part
number HP004)
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Opto Board
Opto Board