32 Channel Relay Interface

  • Functional test systems
  • Durability test systems
  • Manufacturing end line test systems
  • Low cost switching
  • Air Actuator switching

  • Easy to use architecture
  • Affordable price
  • Extremely versatile
  • Minimum system design requirements Visual
    verification of operation offers more usable
  • Rack mountable

  • 32 individually controlled relays
  • 5 amp outputs, normally open/ normally closed
  • Uses (2) 16 channel relay boards
  • Each relay board has an LED indicator board on the front panel
    and a 37 pin amp connector on the rear panel
  • Fully compatible with all other series 2003 HUB products
  • Input and output devices can be connected to same control bus

  • Digital input to control logic
  • Relays 5 amps each
  • Single SPDT relay configuration
  • Isolation 10,000 volts
All boards  are designed with cmos technology to minimize the power consumption. In addition there
is total isolation between the computer and the device under test.

Comes in three standard sizes:
  • 32 channel in a 3-1/2 inch rack mount (HP010)
  • 64 channel in a 5-1/4 inch rack mount (HP011)
  • 96 channel in a 7 inch rack mount       (HP012)
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Relay Interface
Relay Interface